Stock Control at Your Fingertips...

Scanmatix puts You in control of Your stock takes


Intuitive Interface

Our scanner software has been designed with the end user in mind.  Most people start scanning within minutes with little or no training.


Real time validation

Every barcode scanned is checked against both the job and the databse.  If the item is not valid, there is a warning beep and immediate action can be taken.


Up to 4x quicker

Our software and hardware work in tandem to bring speed benfits up to 4x quicker than consumer smart devices that use the in built camera to scan barcodes.

The Issues

  • Outsourcing or developing and maintaining you own solution is rarely "hassle free"
  • Poor planning
  • Lack of flexibilty and control
  • Inaccurate stock takes
  • Costly recounts

The Answers

Scanmatix allows You, the retailer to self scan your store, utilising your own staff - an assett that both knows your premises, and your internal procedures.

  • Savings - Scanmatix can be cost negative in some cases
  • Efficient planning - Our customer service team can guide you
  • Increase margin with correct stock quantities
  • Be more efficient - less time looking for missing stock

This was easily the best stock take experience we have had...

Chris Kinghorn - Operations Manager

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