Scanmatix EU


Scanmatix can provide you with everything you need for your stock count

Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing

No matter what sort of business you are in, stock control is vital.  Scanmatix work in many areas including:

  • Clothing
  • Electrical
  • FMCG
  • Pharmacy
  • Off Sales

Scanmatix - The full service

Scanmatix are the new leading name in Irish stocktaking, North and South.  The team brings over 70 years of industry knowledge working for some of the largest stocktaking companies in the world.  

"We feel that there is a better way to enhance the experince and interaction for our clients, and that is why we have taken this next logical step in our business.  By having our own in house stocktaking service through our new Irish based company, we are now the only inventory management company in the UK and Ireland able to offer the full service, the managed service and the self service to retailers and wholesalers..."

George Armstrong, CEO - Scanmatix

This was easily the best stock take experience we have had...

Chris Kinghorn - Operations Manager

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