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Style Boutique - Omagh, Cookstown, Enniskillen

Style use Shopify for their POS and e-commerce operations across 3 stores.  They had tried some of the Shopify App Store tools,  but nothing met their needs. 
Style needed a solution that would allow them to count the stock in all 3 stores and update their inventory immediately after the stock count was finished.  They also wanted to outsource this task, to a team of professional stocktakers who could impart knowledge of best practices that could be applied in the future.   There was also the issue of stock being located throughout the upper floors of an old building with many different storage areas where wifi couldn't reach.

The unique solution from Scanmatix met all the key needs for Style.   With the ability to use data from any EPoS source, the simple Shopify export facility allowed the product data to be transferred to the Scanmatix Scanners.   By bringing in a team of 2 from Scanmatix along with several more scanners, the Style staff were able to help with the count process, ensuring that all 3 stores were counted in 2 days.  The lack of wifi didn't cause any problems as the data was easily recorded due to all product information being stored in memory on the scanners and the data being sent to the Scanmatix servers when back in range.

" unbelievable job.  I can't recommend the guys enough.  I have had a problem for 2 years and it feels like it has been sorted for me in 2 days..."

"...I couldn't believe how easy the scanners were to operate.  with 2 minutes of training, my staff were able to count the stock..."

"...We have a successful online business, but like all business owners, you see the areas where it could be better.  We have a goal to ensure that all online orders can be fulfilled.  This has proven to be more and more difficult as our online business has grown and the traceability of items within our stockroom can sometimes be difficult.  We now have first hand experience of how easy the Scanmatix solution is for our staff to use, and the stock visibility map it has given us.  The solution for us is so beneficial, that we are going to now use their Solutions as a Service to allow us to cycle count our stock, which ultimately will result in a better service to our customers..."

                                                   - Daniel McDonnell (Owner)

Ladies Boutique



Style Boutique has has been dressing Ladies all across Ireland for that special occasion for over 3 decades. Be it a mother-of-the-bride or groom outfit, a wedding outfit, or an anniversary dinner, whatever the occasion, Style Boutique offers some of the most exclusive designers and brands, that have been carefully selected from across Ireland, the UK, and the globe, to ensure that ladies find that special outfit for their special day.

At Scanmatix, we can offer a range of services from outsourced to managed to self scan.  Our Solution as a Service provides the hardware and software platform to help improve your turnover and profitability.

If you have a Shopify store and need to improve your business's stock management and loss control so you can ultimately increase your customer service by being able to fulfill your e-commerce orders , then get in touch.