With experience of 1000's of stock takes, our experts will develop a count process just for you

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Fresh approach, cutting edge solution...

A Self-Scan solution from Scanmatix provides businesses with the following benefits:

Cost Reduction - Our software has been optimised for efficiency.  Some customers have seen time spent counting stock reduced by 75%, saving staff costs and ultimately being cost negative after using our service for the whole process.

Planning - In conjunction with our team, we provide You with a best practice that has been developed with customers to ensure the best results in the quickest of times, reducing any downtime required for your business.

Results - Our experts have developed a suite of reports that fit the vast majority of businesses to present the data in the simplist of ways.  However, we know every business is also unique, and our team can develop any report that may be required to further improve Your processes.

Our History

Our aim is to produce an inventory solution that is more affordable, reliable, accurate and less people intensive for retailers and wholesalers, even when compared to exisiting systems built into systems being used.

We enable You, the business owner, to utilise your most trusted asset in the inventory process, your staff.  This leads to greater accuracy through knowledge of shop processes and controls, and with Scanmatix technology working with you, you can save time and money.

With Scanmatix you can be sure of a future proof, robust, accurate and cost effective stocktaking solution now and for many years to come.






Our team developed its first piece of commercial retail software.  The origins of this software are still in use today.

The seed for Scanmatix was planted with the development of a new piece of software to manage stock that could link into any point of sale 

Microsoft had announced the end of their Windows CE platform that was prevalent in the handheld sector.  The first incarnation of the Scanmatix Android based solution was developed.

Scanmatix was formed to become the leader for self-scan stocktake software throughout the UK and Ireland.  

Scanmatix opened a Dubin Office and now offers a fully service stocktake solution for all businesses.  With an experienced Operations Team overseeing a team of 12, Scanmatix are now the only Multidisciplinary inventory management company in the UK and Ireland.

By choosing Scanmatix we completed our stocktake in record time and achieved a target which at the outset appeared “impossible”

Radoslaw Michalak  - Retail Inventory Manager

Ahlan Avenue Landsid Mall

Terminal 5 - Riyadh International Airport
Saudi Arabia

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